A Letter to My Teenage Self

A Letter to My Teenage Self - The Simple Mom Life Blog

Dear Teenage Self,

Hi, there. It’s me, well you. I haven’t seen you in at least 15 years and I thought it’s time we reconnect.

I almost don’t remember you, I’m such a different person now and I have a few things you really need to know about yourself.

Let me start by saying, you are beautiful. Yes, you! Stop crying yourself to sleep, stop self-hating and stop thinking you are not worthy because you are. Trust me, you may feel this way now but you’ll meet a lot of people later on that will prove that beauty is truly from within.

Can you do us both a favor and actually pay attention in class? Seriously, I know we don’t like school (even now) but you not caring now actually messes things up for us later. Oh and on that note, don’t skip class because you’ll get caught and be grounded for weeks! Mom & Dad will be super mad and Dad will make it a point to walk you to the door of the school embarrassing you in front of everyone. Just avoid it and stay in class.

Speaking of Mom & Dad, go easy on them will you? Mom works way too hard to be dealing with your sass and backtalk. To this day I don’t know how she didn’t slap you that one time but believe me, she wanted to. She told me. Try to be a better daughter and don’t give them any more reason to worry. Believe me, it’s not worth it.

Stop stressing about stuff that doesn’t matter! I know it’s hard to believe this now but no one cares what brand of clothes you wear, if you have expensive things or if you have the latest gadgets. People care if you’re a good person and how you treat others. Work on being kinder to everyone, not just the popular kids and learn to make friends with people outside your little circle. Oh and those nasty rumors about you going around school right now? Don’t worry, no one will remember them at the 10 year reunion.

You’re NOT invincible and bad things can and will happen to you. It’s okay because it all works out in the end but just be more careful. Maybe don’t stay out too late and go to less parties.

Be honest always. Your honesty and transparency will get you through some of the tough times ahead.

Keep writing! I know right now it’s just in a journal and it’s personal but you are meant to write. Your writing will help others one day so keep at it. Write more, every day and don’t be afraid to share it with someone, don’t just keep it to yourself.

Don’t ever dye your hair blonde! I know you’re not even thinking about that yet but trust me, it doesn’t look good and it’s just a terrible idea.

Go ask Mom right now to teach you to cook. Go! Now!

Take time to get to know yourself. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared, and struggling with self-esteem but it’s more than that. When it all becomes to much don’t be afraid to ask for help. Mom & Dad are not crazy old folks, they know a lot more than you give them credit for and will listen to you and be there through anything.

Trust God. He has big plans for you and it’s easy to doubt but know He is watching.

More than anything I want you to know that you are amazing. Yes, I know it’s weird saying this to myself but no one will really tell you this for a long time and you need to believe it. You will make a million mistakes and do so many things wrong but you will find a person that loves all of you and create a beautiful family.

Relax, and trust me…everything will be perfect.


Your 33 year old Self

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