3 Toddler Friendly Recipes

Hi everyone! Jenise here - you can usually find me over at A Toddler & A Topknot, but I’m excited to guest post for Bessy. I’m a fellow Miami momma, and I have one little boy named Caleb who is two and a half. I typically blog about balancing motherhood and womanhood, but sometimes I... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Baby Essentials

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to thank Bessy for giving me this opportunity to guest post on her blog. My name is Jasmin, I am a mom of two amazing boys Parker (2) and Carter (5mo). I am 26 years old and I live in Houston, TX. Along with blogging, I have a... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Teenage Self, Hi, there. It's me, well you. I haven't seen you in at least 15 years and I thought it's time we reconnect. I almost don't remember you, I'm such a different person now and I have a few things you really need to know about yourself. Let me start by saying, you... Continue Reading →

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